To Instant Book or not to Instant Book

Airbnb have announced improvements to Instant Booking but some owners are naturally cautious
about selecting this option.

So what’s Instant Book about?

Airbnb claim that listings that offer Instant Booking are rewarded with twice as many bookings. It’s easy to see why potential guests prefer Instant Book.

One of the issues with booking accommodation via Airbnb is when owners do not respond to enquiries in a timely fashion. Being able to book straight away allows the guest to get on with booking flights and other services for their trip safe in the knowledge they have somewhere to stay.

What are the risks?

The most commonly cited issue owners have is that they like to be able to preview guests and chat to them before allowing them to book.

If you are renting out your home it’s perfectly reasonable to want to vet who can stay.
However Airbnb does provide tools that enable owners to have some control over who can book their apartment via Instant Book.

Simply by ticking a few boxes you can ensure only the following guests can Instant Book:

  • Those who have verified their offline ID (Passport / Driving Licence)
  • & have been positively reviewed by other Airbnb Hosts


  • You can prevent same day bookings which might be suspect
  • You can decide how far in advance people can book (for example 3, 6 or 12 months in the future)
  • Guest also have to agree to your house-rules. If any guest breaks these rules Airbnb now allows you to cancel the remainder of their stay without penalty.

These tools certainly provide more control over who can stay in your apartment.

At Guest Butler we discuss these options with our clients and only allow Instant Bookings if agreed.
Clients who accept Instant Bookings do see an increase in bookings however our rapid 24/7 response times to enquiries ensures all our clients achieve circa 90% occupancy rates.

If you own a property in Central London and wish to find out more about our Airbnb management services please complete the enquiry form here or call Peter today on 07919066516.